A Life – Changing ReCreation Seminar

by The ReCreation Team including


Douglas McCoy the Author of:

“How Cool Is It To ReCreate Yourself”


     The How Cool Series of Personal Development Books…

                 Confirming Your Attendance to:  ”The ReCreation Seminar’

An Extraordinary Two Day Event with the World’s #1 ReCreation Coach and The ReCreation Team.

                         “The Day That Turned Your Life Around.”

Dear Friend,

Congratulations on reserving your place(s) for an unforgettable two days withThe ReCreation Team including the Head Coach Douglas McCoy, The ReCreation King at ‘The Day That Turned My Life Around’ – ReCreation Seminar!

You can look forward to a Life – ReCreating 2 Day Event where you will reset Your Mind Set, Your Self Esteem, Self Belief, Self Confidence, Your Health Solution Formulas, Your Ability to ReCreate Yourself to take you from Where You are, to Where You Want to be. – right there, right then – so that Your Success and Happiness becomes automatic and natural.

This event is Pre-Launching of The World’s First Series of Books Specifically Designed for Right and Left Brain Readers. – The How Cool Series of Books.  The revolutionary information in these books and revealed in this ReCreation Seminar will literally ReCreate Your lives. It is your incomparable opportunity to learn how to: Think, Act and Feel like a Successful, Healthy, and Happy person.

  • Douglas McCoy – Those that know what Douglas has achieved in so many different areas call him “The ReCreation King” come and find out why yourself.  The Author of the incredible books:  “It’s All In Your Mind”,  How Cool Is It To Be YOU and Ask N Grow Rich and Many other Revolutionary Life Changing Books with Change your life.  Your Self Belief will never be the same again. AMAZING!!!.

This is:-   “The Day That Turned Your Life Around.”

The Latest Breakthroughs in ReCreating Yourself Faster and Easier Than Ever Before.                                                                                                   

We Guarantee that The ReCreation Seminar will be unlike any other event you’ve ever attended and we’re confident that you’ll agree thatAustralasianSuccessAcademy has gone above and beyond your expectation to reveal everything you need to reach Your Full Potential in Life and in Business.

We will be so excited to show you how we can provide the vehicle for you to become financial secure NOW.  You will learn HOW this weekend. YES, You will learn NOW.

You will be learning strategies from our 7 Leading ReCreation Experts that can mentor You, including:

  • Douglas McCoy – Those that know what Douglas has achieved in so many different areas call him “The ReCreation King” come and find out why yourself.  The Author of the incredible books:  “It’s All In Your Mind”,  How Cool Is It To Be YOU and Ask N Grow Rich and Many other Revolutionary Life Changing Books with Change your life.  Your Self Belief will never be the same again. AMAZING!!!.
who is an Entertaining Master: Learn how Dean ReCreated himself from a Paver to own his own business, to ReCreate himself in the highly competitive Entertaining Industry to become “The World’s Number One ELVIS PRESLEY Tribute Artist” and then compete for the Mayor of The Gold Coast, Queensland. He has remained as the King of Entertainment, and Rock N Roll in Australia. THE KING – “Thank You Very Much!!!”
The Health Guru, Nutritionist, Touch For Health – Kineisiologist, Health ReCreation Coach – David has been the Health Coach of the World’s Number One Victoria Secret Super Model – Miranda Kerr since 1999. Let David turn you into a Super Model of Health and Vitality as well. INCREDIBLE!!!
World Renowned Beauty Therapist who has her own Research Laboratories in Brisbane and Clinics that she supplies all over Australia – advising and Training Doctors throughout the world on the most advanced cutting edge techniques to naturally ReCreate Your Youthful Appearance. Be prepared to be shocked as Metro reveals some of her AMAZING Products and solutions for you to win back you clock on your Youthful Looks – achieve your beauty and ANYTHING YOU DESIRE with your skin – WOW!!!
Trainer – Coach and Business Advisor who knows how to turn businesses around to Take A Business From Where It Is To Where The Owner Wants It To BE. Let Bruce show you how a Coach Does Turn Your Life Around. Go from Broke to WEALTHY – RIGHT NOW! FABULOUS!!!
part of the Australian Management of the Legendary Tom Hopkins Tours of Australia, one of the most successful speakers during the 1980 to 1990′s in the World. Famous for his Series: “How To Master The Art of Selling ANYTHING” and “How To Master The Art of Selling REAL ESTATE” EXPERIENCE!!!
Finance Master and Credit ReCreation Expert. Chris can show you how to ReCreate and Repair Your Credit Rating to turn around your financial future. You and many of your friends and family can not miss this incredible information. SENSATIONAL!!!
Former President of the “National Speakers Association ofAustralia”, Founder of the Global Spirited Women
You would throw away Your Chance To Turn Your Life Around if you missed these Two Packed Days of Education designed to take You From Where You Are To WHERE YOU WANT TO BE – NOW!!!
As confirmation of your booking, please find attached your information regarding the event.

Your Ticket(s) will be sent out to you closer to the event and, together with this letter, they will be your proof of attendance.

Make $30,000 a Weekend While You’re Being Coached

Your GENERAL Ticket entitles you to:

General Admission to this 2 Day Events is:

  • 1 X Ticket Valued at $1,697 – Yours FREE
  • 1 X  ReCreation Seminar Workbook –  Yours FREE
  • 5 FREE Tickets for 5 Friends Who You Want To HELP ReCreate Their Success, Health and Happiness.
  • TOTAL FREE GIFT:  6 Tickets X $1,697 = $10,182  –  Yours FREE…

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have made bookings for more than one attendee, all tickets will be sent to you to distribute to each attendee that you booked.

Numbers for each Event are Strictly Limited, So Hurry and secure Your Tickets for You, Your Family and special Friends.

            Click here to claim your Six FREE Tickets valued at $10,182

Please also note that all attendees’ contact details are required prior to registration so, if you haven’t done so already, these can be supplied by emailing or Any Questions?  Calling Australia on 0415 404067.

Are You Waiting for the Day That Turns Your Life Around !!!!

Given the current state of the market, there is no more important time than RIGHT NOW TO ReCreate Yourself and Your Mind Set thermostat.  By joining the World’s #1 ,

and The ReCreation Team you’ll finally learn how to unlock true Success, Health, Happiness and Prosperity in Your Life.

If you have any questions in the meantime please get in touch with Our Team here at Australasian Success Academy Pty Ltd using the contact details above – we’ll be happy to help you.

As a Special BONUS – Arrive early for the chance to receive educational products from our ReCreation Experts to help kick-start your life of abundance, prosperity and haappiness, PLUS Thousands of Dollars worth of giveaways and door prizes,

Register by 8:30am for your 1st Chance to WIN!!

There’s still time to book your seats, make a MAJOR Difference in Your Life and REGISTER TODAY!

We look forward to welcoming you to “The Day That Turn’s Your Life Around”.           – see you there!  OR it could be one of Your Greatest Loses

Proudly Brought to you by:     Australasian Success Academy Pty Ltd

Book Your Place NOW – as this Seminar will Fill Up Fast  –  So Don’t Miss Out on Your Opportunity of       A Life Time To ReCreate Yourself NOW.



If You Asked 1000 People How Many Would Know : How To ReCreate Themselves???

P.S. Seats are limited. These are the ONLY Queensland events scheduled for , miss this and who knows how much it will ultimately cost you in lost Wealth, Health, Haappiness and Lifestyle..

‘The ReCreation Seminar’ – Gold Coast

Why am I telling you all this?

I really, really, really want you to be Rich, Healthy and Happy and the only way you even have a chance at copying and modeling The ReCreation Coaches is to be at Australasian Success Academy’s Two-Day Exclusive Event called:

                  “The Day That Turned Your Life Around.”

I’d love to one day sit down with you and you tell me Your Story of howThe ReCreation Seminar was the turning point in Your Financial Freedom, Health and Haappiness..


FREE GIFT:   Register and Bring Your 5 Closest Ambitious Friends you care about and organise their Complimentary Tickets –  to receive a SPECIAL ReCreation CD Recording – GIFT values at $47.00 – but FREE for You.

This ReCreation Seminar is definitely ideal for your youth – 16 years old and above.

SEATING:   The Seat Category (General/VIP) printed on top of the ticket indicates your seating section.

FREE Seating applies only within your seat category.

RECORDING:   No audio / video taping or recording of any session is allowed.

DRESS CODE:   Dress code is smart casual.  Please dress comfortably, making sure you bring a sweater or jacket to each session, as the room can become very cold. The temperature in the room can fluctuate from cool to quite warm, depending on how much activity is going on.

MEALS:   There will be a lunch break.   Food will not be provided. Water Supplied.  Australasian Success Academy is always committed to the highest level of presentations.  Therefore, the timing for all breaks may be irregular.  You are advised to bring along your own snacks should your medical conditions require.  You may purchase your food from the various kiosks or shops available around the seminar venue.

WHAT TO BRING:  Your Course Material will be given out during the first day of the Registration.   Please bring along your own writing materials, fruit and water bottles.

PARKING:   Is easy with car parking spaces available in the parking stations.  We suggest you travel together when you can, with your friends.

DISABLED ACCESS:  There should be adequate disabled access throughout the venue.

YOU WILL LOVE IT –  But You will not learn anything if You Miss Out…

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